Providing efficient time management for all industries.

Industry Solutions

Owl Time Clock empower organizations of all kinds with easy to use and intuitive time-keeping and time management solutions. Read some of our client success stories below.


Keeping students and faculty members safe and on schedule depends on accurate, reliable and precisely synchronized time in every room of every building.

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Food Processing

Synchronizing time for businesses in the food processing industry to ensure the schedule stays on time and on budget.

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Government Agencies

Affordable and reliable time keep solutions promote efficiencies for any budget, at any level of government – whether Federal, Provincial or Municipal.

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Accurate time is critical in healthcare facilities where life-saving decisions are made every second of every day.

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Indigenous Government

A synchronized time system manages your time seamlessly and accurately, allowing the Indigenous government to focus on supporting the community.

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Track and manage your employees time with precision using time and attendance wall clocks in the retail environment.

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