Easy to set up and learn.


From software residing in your computer to software already directly installed in your device, find the perfect solution for your device and your business.

Clock in the Box PRO

A comprehensive employee time-keeping solution for the Biometric Hand Punch, the Clock in the Box Pro is complete with software and hardware. Easy to install and learn, yet is robust enough to handle more challenging time and attendance needs.

  • Supports all pay periods (weekly, biweekly, semi-month, month, or custom)
  • Web Punch Entry allowing for remote employees to clock-in/out online
  • Categorizes and sorts employees by department

TimeQPlus Software

A complete proximity card system software which can be integrated with the Biometric Hand Punch, the TimeQPlus has the capability to read proximity cards for up to 250 employees – perfect for small businesses.

  • Allows for toggling from one language to another within the software
  • Easy to setup PC software
  • Ability to edit employee punches, view report and export data

Time Pilot Software

The Time Pilot Software is a system that is compatible with the Time Pilot Extreme Wireless Jobsite Clock allowing workers to tap their iButton to the device, instantly identifying them and recording the time of the clock-in or clock-out.

  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Instantly identifies the iButton and collects into the USB drive
  • Can hold up to 12,000 click ins and outs, software handles up to 2,000 employees

Clock in the Box BIO Software

Already built into the Biometric Fingerprint System, the Clock in the Box BIO is an advanced technology that exports seamlessly and effortlessly.

  • Software is on the clock
  • New simple and fast self-enrollment technology
  • Exports seamlessly to a CSV file and payroll programs

Clock in the Box PROX Software

Compatible with the Clock in the Box PROX device, the Clock in the Box PROX software records time efficient and accurately right on the clock so there is no need to install.

  • Instantly detects Wi-Fi networks and connects instantly
  • Automatically saves network passwords
  • Scalable Technology: upgrades available for up to 500 employees