Making your life more efficient with our time management systems.

Time Clock Solutions

Owl Time Clock is the one-stop-shop for employee time tracking systems, from custom solutions and latest devices to service and repair. Our Time & Attendance Systems offer detailed reporting that provides valuable information on employee hours, lateness, vacations and sick days—giving you the tools you need to run your business. We provide a wide variety of employee time clocks to choose from whether you’re a small business of 10 employees or a large organization of 500+ employees.

Automated Biometric Systems

Eliminate “buddy punching” and lost proximity cards with Owl Time Clock’s state of the art technology. Our products provide you the opportunity to manage your employee’s time efficiently.

Automated Proximity Systems

Owl Time Clock’s all-in-one Proximity Card Systems streamline your payroll process and with the software right in the box there’s no installation required.

Wireless Jobsite Systems

Originally designed for contractors, the Time Pilot Extreme Wireless Jobsite Clock can be used for any facility setup with multiple locations / sites.


From software residing in your computer to software already directly installed in your device, find the perfect solution for your device and your business.

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Traditional Time Clocks

Track your employee’s time using traditional time clocks that never go out of style. The time clocks come with a card stamp capability to record time on cards.

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Date & Time Stamps

Ensure your important business documents are recorded accurately using our easy and efficient date and time stamp clocks.

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Interval Timers

Owl Time Clock offers great automated timers that help keep track of shifts, lunch breaks and more. Use our interval timer clocks to more efficiently manage your facility’s resources and your employees.

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