Reducing labour costs and eliminating buddy punching with biometrics.

Automated Biometric Systems

Eliminate “buddy punching” and lost proximity cards with Owl Time Clock’s state of the art biometric technology. Our products provide you the opportunity to manage your employee’s time efficiently while allowing you to take control of your labour costs. Accurate identity verification is ensured to save you time and money.

Face Recognition – Cloud Connected

Face ID and Voice Control

Owl Time Clock’s facial recognition uses simple voice commands to punch in and out of shifts

  • Advanced technology eliminates risk of buddy punching
  • Cloud-connected software automated from punch to payroll
  • Access to robust reports and time tracking data

Facial Recognition Device

Owl Time Clock’s advanced facial recognition technology allows businesses to track employee time.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Eliminates the need for proximity cards
  • Prevents time-theft through “buddy punching”