Gaining control of lunch and coffee breaks with automated timers.

Interval Timers

Owl Time clock offers great automated timers to help you better manage your facility’s resources and your employees. Our automated timers allowed you to cut labor costs, increase productivity and accurate time management.

Employee Coffee & Lunch Break Interval Timer

Get control of your labour costs and employee breaks with one push of a button. Use Interval Timers to schedule your break times and plan for productivity, minimizing wasted time spent on extra or long breaks.

  • Control coffee and lunch breaks to the minute
  • Display counts down to show remaining minutes
  • Installation is economical and simple

Intermatic Programmable Switch Timer

The Intermatic Programmable Switch Timer programs specific time intervals to reduce energy costs.

  • Holds memory of data even if the power is turned off
  • 99 programmable holiday schedules
  • Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time and Leap Year