Improving the accuracy of time by synchronizing all wall clocks in your facility.

Synchronized Clocks

Our full line of analog wireless wall clocks and digital wireless wall clocks can be set up quickly and easily, using the proven industry standard of frequency-hopping technology to broadcast between 902 and 928MHz radio frequencies or utilizing Power / Signal Over Ethernet. Both deliver a dependable synchronized clock signal in any vertical market.

Wireless Wall Clocks Starter Kit Bundle

Owl Time Clock’s TimeTrax Sync Wireless 5 clock starter kit is all you need to get your facility clocks working on the same time.

  • Allows you to sync your entire facility including networked computers to the same time
  • Up to 250,000 sq. ft. coverage
  • Does not lose time during power outages

Power Over Ethernet (POE) Wall Clocks Starter Kit Bundle

Power Over Ethernet analog and digital wall clocks enable customers to enjoy the benefits of a synchronized clock system without the added cost and maintenance of a master clock or wireless transmitter.

  • Flexible infrastructure connectivity
  • Microsoft Windows based synchronized software
  • Military Time capable