Hunter Express

Industry: Transportation

Owl Time Clock Provides a Helping Hand to Eliminate Buddy Punching

Hunter Express is a rapidly growing freight-forwarding corporation. Every day in North America, Hunter Express employs more than 200 drivers across Ontario, Quebec and the United States. Since 2005, the company has grown into a Canadian asset-based trucking corporation led by a combination of 40 team drivers, 150 single drivers and 80 owner-operators managed from Brampton, Ontario.

The owner of this fast-growing organization, Ajay Dhawan, knew that the management of labour costs was critical to the profitability and success of his company. Included in his quest for reducing costs was finding an integrated time-tracking solution.

For starters, Ajay wanted to be able to track time and attendance regularly and easily. Some of his team was located in fixed offices but situated in multiple locations, and others were driving a truck three time zones away.

There was also payroll to consider, which can be difficult for any organization. When remote workers are added into the mix of daily operations, payroll processing can become even more complicated.

Ajay had previously installed a facial recognition system from a supplier from the Internet but that had not led to success. He had also been working with a company called Benefits and Pensions and they recommended he reach out to Owl Time Cock. Ajay liked that Owl was local and offered installation and so he decided upon Owl’s Clock in the Box Bio Fingerprint system. The system provided multiple entry options, turnkey labour reports, and secure encrypted data. In addition, the biometric technology of the fingerprint reader would eliminate buddy punching. Ajay had implemented an application from Benefits and Pensions to help streamline his employee on boarding, payroll and benefits administration. Owl partnered with Benefits and Pension to integrate both systems and now Ajay has been successful at delivering one point of entry for Benefits, HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance. These 4 areas are now seamless and less prone to error while also reducing time wasted on redundancy of multiple entries of data. Moreover, unlike his initial product purchased from the Internet, Ajay is now supported by a Canadian company who can perform on-site and remote support service for all of his locations.