Harper’s Tire

Industry: Retail

Harper’s Tire Gains Control of Labour at Multiple Locations

Harper’s Tire is one of Calgary’s oldest and most respected tire, wheel and automotive service centres, serving Calgarians for more than 80 years. Harper’s Tire knows everything there is to know about tires, wheels and how to take care of your car. They pride themselves on depth of knowledge and quality of service —– things their clients have come to love them for.

In 1961, 30 years after the company was started, Don Harper along with his two brothers took over the business from their father and soon realized there were certain aspects of the operation that were still stuck in the 30s. How they managed their payroll for example: collecting time cards from each of their three locations manually, then transferring that information to a manual spreadsheet to finally calculate payroll. It was a labour intensive and manual process that needed to be fixed.

Harper contacted Owl Time Clock after finding them online and wanted to know what options were available to him. After taking the time to understand their needs and wants, Diane Metcalf, Sales Manager at Owl Time Clock, recommended a Clock In The Box™ solution that would connect to a central network and collect data at each of the three locations before sending the data back to head office digitally for an automatic integration with payroll.

“Clock in the Box™ was the perfect solution for Harper’s Tire,” says Metcalf. “It allows them to collect critical information at each of their locations without having to be there in person and captures it electronically so they can easily extract and manipulate the data to see where they are spending or saving the most in human capital.”