Interval Timers

Owl Time Clock offers great automated timers to help you better manage your facility's resources and your employees.
  • Employee Coffee & Lunch Break Interval Timer

    Employee Coffee & Lunch Break Timer  

    Need to control coffee and lunch breaks? Cut labour costs with one push of a button. If you don’t always have regular coffee break times scheduled, how can you keep control of the time employees spend on breaks? The Owl Time Clock Coffee Break Timer enables a supervisor to start the coffee break with one push of a button and end it at a predetermined time. With as few as 10 employees, 5 minutes of lost productivity can cost as much as $10 per hour and up to $2,075 annually! This economical interval timer enables you to control coffee breaks and save money. The Coffee Break Timer operates independently or can be connected to a time clock.

  • Intermatic Programmable Switch Timer

    Intermatic Programmable Switch Timer  

    Do you have a need to program specific time intervals to reduce energy costs? The Owl Time Clock Intermatic Timer is programmable for up to the minute / 7 days a week requirements and Interval, Astro and Pulse options offer flexible control for outdoor lighting, bell ringing or after-hours temporary overrides. The memory protects programmed switch times for the life of the unit and a lithium battery ensures that the unit delivers accurate timekeeping and calendar information for up to 8 years!