Wireless Job Clocks

If you are a contractor with multiple job sites, our Wireless Job Clock is the product for you!
  • Time Pilot Extreme Wireless Job Site Clock

    Time Pilot Extreme USB
    The USB drive collects the time data and delivers it to your PC.

    Time Pilot Extreme iButton
    Each employee clocks in and out by tapping their iButton to the Wireless Job Clock. Each iButton is unique and completely unaffected by dirt, water or other substances.


    When a worker taps his iButton to the Wireless Job Clock, it instantly identifies him and records the time of the clock-in or clock-out. The whole process takes just a second and gives the employee no opportunity to tamper with the data.

    Do you have employees at remote worksites?

    We have the answer: a battery-powered, Wireless Job Clock that can be mounted at a worksite as long as you need it; then just unlock it and move it to the next site. It’s weatherproof, easy to use, durable and, yes, inexpensive.

    • Weatherproof and portable
    • Mount the clocks at the worksite
    • Collect data at payroll time

    How does it work?

    The Wireless Job Clock can be mounted to a wall (interior or exterior) and is secured with a tamper-proof mounting plate and padlock. Each employee is issued a single iButton –— an inexpensive, virtually indestructible device that fits on a keychain –— to clock in and out. Each iButton is unique, so it helps put an end to “buddy punching”.

    When it’s time to do payroll, there’s no need to bring expensive equipment to the job site to collect data; all you need is the key-sized USB drive that’s included in the Time Pilot Extreme Starter kit. The supervisor inserts the included USB drive into the bottom of the unit, and the clock downloads the time data to the drive.

    Once back at the office, the supervisor plugs the USB drive into their PC and downloads the data into the powerful, easy-to-use Time Pilot Extreme software. The software calculates work hours and summarizes the data for other payroll programs or in a spreadsheet format.

    Finished the project and ready to move to a new site? Unlock the clock, unscrew the backing plate from the wall and move your system to the next project.

    Complete starter kit includes: Time Pilot Extreme Wireless Job Clock, software, 10 iButtons, supervisor’s iButton, USB drive, padlock, manual and Quick Start Guide.

    To order any of the time clock products, call us at 1-888-407-0624 or email [email protected].