Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

Eliminate buddy punching with the Total Pass Small Business Premium Biometric time clock.
  • Total Pass Small Business Biometric Time Clock

    Product Features

    1 – 100 Employees
    • Biometric Time Clock
    • PIN, Proximity, biometric, and web punch entry

    This lightning fast, time clock introduces an all-new, technologically advanced line of products to the Owl Time Clock family. Designed to meet the needs of a growing business, the Total Pass Biometric with newly enhanced Multi-clock, keeps up with changing location and connection requirements. Allows for up to 24 total clocks to
    connect together over a network or the Internet.

    • Supports next generation technology of biometric fingerprint and camera technology
    • All functionality is built right into the time clock – no software install needed
    • Verifies 100% attendance with a built-in wide angle camera that captures failed biometric entries with a backup photograph – authenticates and alerts the manager of a failed employee punch IN/OUT

    Benefits of the Total Pass Small Business Biometric Time Clock

    • Multiple entry methods
    • Exports seamlessly
    • Prevents time-theft through “buddy punching”

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