Synchronized Wireless Clock Systems

Owl Time Clock offers architects, contractors, school boards and hospitals an array of synchronized wall clock systems including wireless digital and analog wall clocks, Power Over Ethernet wall clocks, as well as customized large outdoor clocks.

Synchronized Wireless Clock Systems

Owl Time Clock has a variety of intuitive and precise time synchronization solutions, such as wireless wall clocks and Power Over Ethernet synchronized clocks. Optimize employee time, synchronize processes, maintain accurate time records, and promote efficient productivity in the workplace. Our consultation and installation experts ensure that every system is easy to implement, simple to use, and able to synchronize time throughout any sized facility.

How it works

Our synchronized analog and digital wireless clock systems eliminate time-related obstacles, alleviate confusion, and reduce maintenance costs. Owl Time Clock’s TimeTrax Sync by Pyramid Technologies was engineered as a complete solution that captures the exact time from GPS satellite signals or via the Internet in Network Time Protocol (NTP) format and transmits it throughout an entire facility.

Our full line of analog wireless wall clocks and digital wireless wall clocks can be set up quickly and easily, using the proven industry standard of frequency-hopping technology to broadcast between 902 and 928MHz radio frequencies or utilizing Power / Signal Over Ethernet. Both deliver a dependable synchronized clock signal in any vertical market.


Since the clocks receive a radio time frequency from our TimeTrax Sync Transmitter, they will stay on time virtually anywhere throughout your facility while automatically adjusting for Daylight Savings Time and power outages, providing years of mainenance-free service.


With easy implementation each synchronized clock is ideal for facility renovation, retrofit design, and new construction applications. The central time source being captured from GPS, NTP and/or the facility’s internal network, makes for a universal system almost anywhere.

What’s the right Synchronized Wall Clock for you?

Synchronized Wall Clock Bundles

Choose a Clock Bundle to save you time and money.

Wall Clock Bundles

Individual Synchronized Wall Clock Products

Choose a Clock Bundle to save you time and money.

Individual Wall Clock Products

Additional Wall Clock products:

  • Custom Tower Clocks
  • GPS Systems
  • Battery Clocks
  • Gymnasium Clocks
  • Wired Master Clock Systems
  • Bell Programmers

Almost 50 years of experience has given Owl Time Clock expertise in consultation and installation. Owl Time Clock has worked closely with many architectural firms to customize large clocks for buildings and public spaces. Our experienced consultants can help you achieve your end goal – whether for time keeping and synchronization or purely time display and aesthetics.