Code Blue Digital Counting Clock

Ideal for hospitals and health-related emergency services, the Owl Time Clock’s Code Blue Digital Counting digital clocks are perfect when seconds matter. The easy-to-use system counts up or counts down by seconds to monitor time in critical situations. Count up mode displays elapsed time. Count down mode displays time remaining. Upon reaching zero in count down mode, the clock ashes and counts negative time until stopped. A battery back up will keep time internally in the event of a power outage.

Owl Time Clock’s Code Blue controller is easy to install and easy to operate. The digital clocks feature bright red or bright blue LED digits for high visibility. Clocks are available in two sizes, 2.5” or 4” with 6 digits, including the second indicator.


  • Easy to operate in count up, count down or optional wireless time modes
  • 6-digit timer will count up to 99:59:59 by seconds and count down from 99:59:59 by seconds
  • Unit will flash and display negative numbers when counting down past zero
  • Battery back-up will keep time internally when power is out for up to 7 days during the count up / count down modes

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