Press Release:
The New Face of Workforce Management

Owl Time Clock Introduces the New Face of Workforce Management

TORONTO —– Owl Time Clock is pleased to announce the launch of the new timeQplus FaceVerify™ time tracking system. This system uses cutting-edge facial recognition technology to save you time and money with its accurate identity verification system.

Featuring a sleek, compact terminal, timeQplus FaceVerify™ is at home in almost any work environment. Employees can clock in and out in a matter of seconds without ever touching the terminal – all it takes is a brief look at the screen and they’re on their way. Not only does it speed up employees clocking in and out, biometric verification also eliminates the time theft of “buddy punching”.

This versatile system is fast and easy to use and can record employee time using facial recognition, proximity badge, virtual keypad or any combination.

The base system includes a FaceVerify™ terminal and timeQplus™ Network software to accommodate up to 50 employees. Add-on terminals are also available and the software can be upgraded to accommodate as many as 250 employees.

FaceVerify™ joins the other data collection options already available on the timeQplus™ platform: PC-punch, proximity-badge terminal, barcode badge terminal, magnetic-stripe badge terminal, fingerprint biometric terminal and HandPunch hand geometry biometric terminal. With the wide variety of choices available, the timeQplus™ product suite offers the most complete selection of data input options in the industry.

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About Owl Time Clock

Established in 1965, Owl Time Clock is the largest national Canadian provider of workforce management products. The organization has been successfully helping small businesses to better manage their workforce for almost 50 years. With offices across Canada, Owl Time Clock supplies innovative time clocks, security access and simple software solutions and is the only organization to provide on-site service in all provinces in Canada.