Press Release:
Rebranding as Owl Time Clock

Rebranding as Owl Time Clock

Owl Time Clock has announced their re-brand in order to pursue a successful marketing strategy in the future. As a result, the team will take on a complete rebranding effort and will re-launch a new and improved website. The old logo will be replaced with a more friendly, iconic and memorable logo of an owl accompanied by the new name Owl Time Clock. Visitors to the new site will find up-to-date press releases, and video content as well as information on new products.

The company reports that there has been no change in management and that the rebranding will enable the organization to offer innovative products to their 10,000 + loyal customers across Canada. The rebranding adds some differentiation and edge to their marketing. The historic brand will continue to be a part of the TimeZone™ workforce management software division recently acquired by Synerion Canada. CEO Tracy Parzych claims, “Our new Owl Time Clock brand will enable us to breathe new life into the division with fresh new products. Sometimes, brands can become outdated and after almost 50 years we are looking forward to a more updated name and look! The Owl logo was developed to be different than our competitors and represents wisdom, consistency and knowledge – all similar characteristics to our Time Clock and security product offerings.”

Parzych adds, “The choice to change our brand to Owl Time Clock at this stage is a huge step but is vital for the company to progress in the future and on the web. According to the surveys we’ve conducted we found that the majority of our clients preferred Owl Time Clock as opposed to the old name. The reasons summarized for their preference of the Owl name was because it is easier to remember. To establish ‘quick recall’ for the brand, our company made the collective decision for the rebranding.”

“Our goal is push Owl Time Clock to become the best provider of time clocks, software and security access products available with on-site service” states Owl Time Clock’s General Manager Wayne Metcalf.

About Owl Time Clock

Established in 1965, Owl Time Clock is the largest national Canadian provider of workforce management products. The organization has been successfully helping small businesses to better manage their workforce for almost 50 years. With offices across Canada, Owl Time Clock supplies innovative time clocks, security access and simple software solutions and is the only organization to provide on-site service in all provinces in Canada.