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Supplier Spotlight: An Ode to Amano


Amano time clocks were first introduced to Canada in the early 1960s. In 1964 Owl Time Clock became the exclusive Canadian distributor for Amano Corporation Japan. Decades later, Amano time clocks are now available around the world through local distributors, as well as the Internet.

Founded over 80 years ago, the Amano brand is known for its quality and leading-edge technology. The Amano offerings include electronic time stamps such as the NS 5100, to electronic clocks that use paper timecards such as Amano’s Pix 21 and Pix 3000. In addition, Amano offers computerized time clocks that calculate hours according to simple pay rules and display the printed summary on a time card such as the MJR 7000 and 8000. Some unions still require a paper record for employees and Amano’s MJR 7000 or Owl Time Clock’s Paymate product meet the restrictive time keeping policies of various unions.

Purchasing the Right Product from the Right Distributer

How does a small business owner navigate their way through the countless models of Amano time clocks available? There are several things to consider when deciding which time clock to purchase and from where. Whether you’re buying from the Internet, a big box store or a business that specializes in offering time and attendance products to small and medium companies, keep in mind:

  • What type of warranty is included with the clock?
  • What happens if the clock needs repair? What is the turnaround for depot service? Can the company from which you purchased send a technician on site?
  • What will your business use in the interim while the clock is being repaired?
  • How long will the clock last to suit the needs of your growing business?

Although the Internet offers low prices and quick shipping, there are many other factors you should consider. Purchasing a clock is an investment and most businesses want to be confidant that their purchase will last. If the time clock does need repair, an organization needs to ensure that their business will not be without a timekeeping device. Depot service offered when purchasing from the Internet sounds valuable, but when a company employs 10 or 20 people and the staff is without a time clock for several days, or even worse —– weeks, the savings from the Internet are quickly consumed by lost time, inaccurate timekeeping and improper control of overtime. Indeed the Internet often offers attractive pricing, however a local distributor will assist your company in assessing its needs so your final decision will meet your business’ needs, now and in the future. Timekeeping is critical to organizations large and small, and Amano time clocks are a solid and dependable option. Just remember, before you purchase online, carefully consider the level of service your company might need.