Guard Tour Systems

Track and record the security of rounds of your facility with heavy-duty hardware and detailed reporting software.
  • Ares M6000 Portable Rounds Tracker

    Ares M6000 Portable Rounds Tracker  

    Portable rounds tracking systems to ensure the security of your facility.

    Ares IV and Ares Express offer portable rounds trackers which have strong probe heads and are made using heavy-duty construction. Simply touch the M6000 recorder to the recording station “iButton” and the location, date and time are recorded. The transactions can easily be downloaded to a PC producing detailed reports.

    The door locks are controlled by simple easy to use software and are:

    • Expandable – add as many recorders and iButtons, as needed
    • Robust – the M6000 recorder is heavy duty and withstands rain, mud, grease and dust
    • Practical – Ares Express offers simple rounds tracking at an affordable price
  • Ares Express Rounds Tracking System

    Ares Express Rounds Tracking System  
    • Ideal for guards and security personnel, hospital or nursing homes
    • Can be exported to Microsoft Excel for easy viewing
    • Works on single PC environment

    Ares IV

    • Includes everything from Ares Express, plus incident tracking
    • Optional incident pad records information about the conditions encountered
    • Program up to 9,999 incident codes such as Water Leak, Intruders, Broken Window
  • Ares Rounds Tracking Software

    Ares Rounds Tracking Software  

    The Ares software is made up of 10 folders to allow you to view and manage data collected from the M6000 hardware. Folders display all sorts of information such as date, hour, name of incident, area, messages and the watchman whom was working the rounds. Data is easy to sort, view and export and is also available on various standard reports.