Time & Attendance Savings Calculator

Try our quick and accurate savings calculator to demonstrate just how much money you will save.

Calculate Your Potential Savings With an Automated Time Clock System

The following assumptions and calculations are based upon a study of Time and Attendance statistics published by the American Payroll Association in its PayTech magazine in May, 2009 and at its Annual Congress in 2011.

To conduct your analysis, please adjust the highlighted numbers to accurately reflect your organization’s profile:

Organization Profile

Rates of Impact
  1. Employee Overpayment

    On average, an organization can overpay an employee as much as 30 minutes per day, attributable to several factors including tardiness, early exits, extended breaks, unauthorized absences, etc. We assumed a conservative estimate of 1% lost time, which is equivalent to about 5 minutes per day; adjust for your experience.
  2. Human Error Factor

    Studies show at best, there is a minimum 1% error rate per pay period due to inaccuracy, bias or miscalculation by payroll staff and that the average error factor is 3% of total payroll. Adjust for your experience.
  3. Administrative/Processing Time

    Handling, manually correcting or calculating employee timecards, and keying the data into the system by supervisors/payroll staff takes an estimated 7 minutes or more per timecard, per pay period. Automating the process reduces that time to just one minute - a savings of 6 minutes per employee, per pay period. We assumed an average processing time of just 5 minutes per employee per pay period; adjust for your experience.
  4. Optional Biometrics

    Studies show integrating biometrics into your automated system can increase annual savings by 10%, due to a reduction in costs associated with badge management, the elimination of buddy punching, improved accuracy, etc.
Total Savings