Wireless Wall Clock ROI Calculator

Use our online calculator below to see how much an Owl Time Clock Wireless Wall Clock System can save your facility per employee.

Owl Time Clock Wireless Wall Clock Systems help you maintain consistent and accurate synchronized time throughout your entire facility – saving thousands of dollars in labor and maintenance costs.

These savings mean your Return on Investment (ROI).

Learn more about our Synchronized Wireless Clock Systems, or try our online calculator to see how much we can help you save.

Labour Savings

$ 5,603.46
$ 67,241.52

*Based on an average of 22 work days/month
**According to the 2012 Department of Labor Report

Maintenance Labour Savings Cost of adjusting clocks for daylight savings time

$ 1,000.00

Savings Summary

$ 67,241.52
$ 1,000.00
$ 68,241.52
$ 341,207.60
$ 5,686.79
$ 2,919.00
Return on Investment
3.2 months