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Hand Sanitizer Stations

Make returning to work easier for your employees by setting up and installing hand sanitizer stations in your workplace. Following government guidelines to proper hand hygiene, the Hand Sanitizer Stations help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The station includes the Hand Sanitizer Display and the Motion-Activated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

Our Hand Sanitizer stations come in various sizes shown below. Order complete Hand Sanitizer Station including the Display Stand with Motion Activated Dispenser or order just the Display Stand without dispensers. The Display Stand is compatible with all wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser units, making it easy to integrate with an existing program if you have your own dispensers. Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are available with the station only, not sold separately.

HS 6 – Hand Sanitizer Station

Our HS 6 is the largest station available, a 6-foot display with dispenser and signage all-in-one.

  • Tall display – clear visibility of your brand messaging
  • Custom branding – includes two large display panels that can be customized to reflect your brand
  • Interior storage – the stand provides extra storage for refill bottles

HS 5 – Hand Sanitizer Station

The HS 5 offers a 5-foot tall stand with built-in hand sanitizer dispenser for an easy, all-in-one unit to provide proper hand hygiene to all visitors and employees.

  • Medium size stand – easier to maneuver around your store
  • High-impact display – customize the two large front panels with your own branding
  • Built-in storage for 4 cartridges for easy refills

HS 4 – Child-Friendly Hand Sanitizer Station

Our 4-foot tall hand sanitizer stations are wheelchair accessible and allows for children’s ease of use, providing proper hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of COVID -19.

  • Child-friendly display stand perfect for child care industries
  • The hand sanitizer dispenses the perfect amount of hand sanitizer using motion-activated technology
  • Storage is built-in for easy refills

Wall – Hand Sanitizer Station

Our wall mounted hand sanitizer station unit is perfect for small spaces and can be placed anywhere in your store or business.

  • High impact wall mounted station allows for visibility and ease of use
  • Long-lasting – made with durable materials
  • Aluminum composite sides, printed PVC graphic panels with sintra core