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Keep your workplace safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Health & Safety Solutions

Owl Time Clock Hand Sanitizer solutions provide support for any businesses returning to work that need to comply with government guidelines. Our Hand Sanitizer stations and refills allow you to set up proper hand hygiene systems to help keep your employees and customers safe and minimize risks within your workplace.

As businesses begin to reopen across the country, setting up hand sanitizer stations are top priority to protect your employees and customers and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Owl Time Clock provides COVID-19 preparedness products to support any business who needs help complying with government regulations with proper hand hygiene systems designed to minimize risks within your workplace. We offer customizable Hand Sanitizer Stations (includes display stand and dispenser), Hand Sanitizer Refill Bottles, Floor Decals as well as Quick-Ship Counter Guards.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Make returning to work safer for your employees by setting up and installing hand sanitizer stations in your workplace. Following government guidelines to proper hand hygiene, the Hand Sanitizer Stations help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The stations include the Hand Sanitizer Display and the Motion-Activated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

Hand Sanitizer Refill Bottles

80% Food-Grade Alcohol – Hand Sanitizer in 750mL Bottles

Proper hand hygiene is essential to help reduce the risk of spreading germs and infection of COVID-19. Alcohol-based sanitizers can help reduce about 97% of the bacteria on your hands. Ensure proper hand hygiene with our Liquid Hand Sanitizer with 80% Food-Grade Alcohol. Refill bottles are sold in cases of 12.

Floor Decals

Provide clear direction to customers navigating in your store with simple floor decals designed to indicate where to stand and the flow of traffic. To help reduce the risk of COVID-19, these decals help to minimize the person to person contact and ensure everyone remains the distance of 6 feet (2 metres) apart. Choose from fully-customizable graphics or our standard quick-ship option.

Quick-Ship Counter Guards

Prepare your business for return to work government guidelines by setting up your workplace with clear plexiglass barriers. These counter guard barriers help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and protect your employees and customers by providing a clear barrier between them while still allowing for customer transactions and interactions to occur comfortably. These premium clear acrylic shields can be placed in key areas such as at checkout, lunch rooms, boardrooms and shared workspaces.